IFCA: A proactive approach to a sustainable fishery

The Island Fishermen Cooperative Association (IFCA) holds two MSC certifications each for crab and shrimp in the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Scotian Shelf. MSC certification and ecolabelling recognize and promote sustainable fishing practices in a concerted effort with the fisheries, processors, scientists and environmental organizations. The intent is to transform the market and encourage consumers to make the best environmental choices by purchasing sustainable seafood products harvested through responsible fishing.

The MSC label appears only on seafood products from fisheries whose activities have been certified as sustainable by the MSC. Consumers and buyers are therefore ensured of the traceability of the fish they are purchasing back to a fishery that meets MSC environmental standards of sustainable fishing.

Fisheries around the world are adopting best management practices that protect jobs, ensure the sustainability of fish stocks and contribute to the protection of the marine environment. MSC’s environmental framework for sustainable fishing offers fisheries a way to develop their management practices through a trusted and independent third-party certification process. This label recognizes and rewards responsible fisheries in the marketplace, while buyers and consumers are guaranteed that the products come from sustainable and well-managed sources.